The Board currently comprises seven directors, two are non-executive director and three are independent non-executive directors.

Executive Directors

Ms. Yuen Mi Ming Erica

(Chairlady and Chief Executive Officer)

Ms. Yuen Mimi Mi Wahng

Non-Executive Directors

Mr. Lam Yue Yeung Anthony 

Mr. Cheung Siu Hon Ronald

​Independent Non-Executive Directors

Ms. Chan Sze Lai Celine 

Ms. Hung Yuen Wa

Ms. Tsang Wing Yee

BOARD OF Board Committees

The primary responsibility of the Board is to lead and control the Company and its business to ensure that the management’s actions are in the best interest of the Company. The Board has established three Board Committees, namely, the Audit Committee, Remuneration Committee and Nomination Committee. Each Committee oversees certain particular aspects of the Group’s affairs in accordance with clearly defined written terms of reference.  

Corporate Information

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